Friendship Tower carillon

HOW COLD do you think it is?

The chimney smoke shows as much, heading quickly toward the sky to escape winter’s chill. It’s January.

Taking shelter in the Law Courts Building alcove, the public entrance on 99 Street faces west — people step in and out of sliding doors  — there’s no wind here to make the temperature drop colder. The hum of the heating system is a drone of a pleasing sort when it harmonizes with the 3D soundscape of the carillon bell tower.

Wear headphones or a good pair of earbuds to listen.

Does the pacing of the sound from the Friendship Tower add welcome warmth to the alcove? Where else do you think it might be pleasant to listen for the HARMONY OF THE SQUARE when it’s freezing cold?

About Don Hill

Sound artist, writer, musician, broadcaster. Man about the planet.

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