WINSTON CHURCHILL SQUARE  has a personality — moods that change with the time of day, weather and season.

The Metropolis winter festival occupies the center of the Square. On this cold and surprisingly damp day (it’s supposed to be a ‘dry cold’ in this part of Alberta), the carillon tells it like it is. Passersby are quick to find shelter; the festival tents warmed by a persistent drone of propane-fired heaters. What I’d like you to listen for is whether the emotional temperature of the Square is reflected best in this composition for the day…

…or the night.  The ambience is different but the tune remains the same — listen to the two versions for day and night — the pictures situate you in the vicinity of where the recordings were made. What sounds best to you?  Please comment. 

Put on a pair of ear-muffs, brrr…headphones to hear the 3D sound; it puts you in the same spot as I was standing (without having your teeth chatter with the cold).

About Don Hill

Sound artist, writer, musician, broadcaster. Man about the planet.

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