Underground parking exit alarm

IT WAS PSYCHO: the screech-screech-screech of a parking alarm at an underground exit in the vicinity of the Square.

Abrupt alarms are designed to get attention — to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way. But, how much is too much of a blurt and what’s not enough?

Does this 3D soundscape intervention to soften the warning beacon distract or attract you?  Use headphones to hear how it could sound on the sidewalk.

Main Public Library bus stop

Stanley Milner Library

THE SOUND OF DIESEL is one thing. Add squealing brakes, bleeps and bloops and a passersby with an air-horn (in the middle of the afternoon!) and you have one of the more challenging spots to listen for the Friendship Tower bells.

Tell me what you think of this 3D soundscape: an experimental design to make waiting for Edmonton transit more pleasant.  Listen for the shimmer and reflections of sound — the screech and hiss of the bus becomes a little easier on the ear. Use headphones for best result.

City Centre Mall bus shelter

A DAMP AND CHILLY afternoon in March.

The 3D recording was made at the City Centre Mall bus shelter, facing east — along 101 Street — looking across into the Square. There’s a persistent hiss and drone of a mechanical device; it’s on your right, adding a bit of edge to the space. And, yes, that swooshing sound is ‘slush’ from the melting snow kicked up by passing traffic.

On the ground, I spot a faded bit of broken plastic — an unexpected rainbow — some welcome colour to the otherwise drab interior of the shelter; the carillon bounces inside and echoes in an attractive way — a ‘sweet spot’ for the HARMONY OF THE SQUARE.

What does this sound like to your ears?  Use headphones for best result.